Top-mounted roller shutters

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The shutters are mounted above the window. They are suitable for building adaptations and for new construction projects. In the case where old roller shutter boxes were mounted above the windows, there are no occasions for interfering with the existing facade of the object. The window includes the dimensions of the existing opening. They are suitable for mounting on windows made of plastic, wood or aluminum.

All roller shutter systems with mounting above the window have the service opening on the inner side of the roller shutters or inside the object. They can also be done together with the facade or with a plaster coating and are then almost invisible or hidden. Shutters Systems with mounting above the fixture are always mounted simultaneously with the window.

The size of the boxes adapts to the size of the windows, thus ensuring the lowest consumption of the clear opening. The wide range of colors allows you to balance the color of your object and countless combinations. In the roller shutter boxes, an integrated roller blind insect screen can be installed, which is hidden in the box in the raised state. The integrated roller blind insect screen is operated manually.


  • Shutters Systems with mounting above the fixture can be executed with different operating systems
  • The tape is the most used system
  • A kink crank is used on larger (heavier) shutters. The operation is slower
  • Electric drive is used in larger shutters where a kink crank is not desirable in poorly accessible shutters, shutters where a synchronous operation with one or more remote controls is desired.
  • Program clock, sun sensors, wind sensors, burglar alarms possible on request.

Technical characteristics of the shutters:

  • Aluminum fins filled with insulation foam
  • The boxes are made of very durable and high quality extruded plastic.
  • High quality ALU and plastic parts
  • Wide choice of colors of the slats
  • Possibility of installing an integrated roller blind insect screen
  • Easy maintenance
  • Numerous possibilities of operation

This product is not part of a batch production, so the price is only available on request.