Windows PRONORM 88MD

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Windows PRONORM 88MD is the window and door system of the future. It sets new standards in quality, thermal insulation, safety and design. Thanks to its modularity and innovative upgrade technologies, the center seal system leaves enough room for individuality. The KBE 88 features a novel, high-density 7-chamber center seal system and maximum dimensioned steel reinforcements centered for improved stability. The result: Already in the standard version with 48 mm thick triple glazing, the new system achieves sophisticated thermal insulation for passive houses. A factory-side foaming of the profile chambers or filling with inserts is only necessary if required for even lower thermal insulation values.

Types of the windows:
- single-leaf windows
- double-winged fixed
- single and double-leaf balcony doors
- sliding doors

Technical characteristics:
Pronorm 88 PLUS
- Thermal conductivity of the profile Ug = 1.0 W / m2K Ug * = 0.89 W / m2K (* With additional insulation)
- Sound insulation of the frame 32 dB
- Sound insulation of the window up to 45 dB
- Profile thickness 88 mm (frame and sash)
- 6-chamber profile
- Deifache sealing gray or black gaskets
- Glazing of thickness 24mm to 56mm
- Lead-free plastic is used

Colors: The execution is possible in more than 40 different colors Renolit, which include the RAL color step ladder and several wood decors.

This product is not part of a batch production, so the price is only available on request.