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The aluminum front shells of the PRONORM 76MD ZERO captivate with their appearance and product advantages, the AluClip Zero extension sets further standards in terms of appearance and design. The design shell system for the KBE center seal variant of KBE consists of a completely flush-mounted look with a virtually flush glass plane, a surface-offset version with a classic wood-aluminum look and a bowl in all-glass look.

The system differs only by an additionally constructed wing and the design. The advantages of the previous aluminum shells from KBE supply, also apply to AluClip Zero. High levels of stability and weatherability are just as much an essential part of the system as the incredible range of paint and coating options. As with all combinations of PVC and aluminum shells, the good thermal insulation value is above all the PVC profile, and here you have the KBE 76 center seal system, a window system that is unique in the world.

Execution of the windows:
- single-leaf windows
- double-winged fixed
- single and double-leaf balcony doors
- sliding doors

Technical characteristics:
Pronorm 76MD

- Thermal conductivity of the profile Ug = 1.0 W / m2K
- Sound insulation of the frame 32 dB
- Sound insulation of the window up to 44 dB
- Profile thickness 76 mm (frame and sash)
- 6-chamber profile
- Triple seal gray or black seals
- Glazing of thickness 24mm to 48mm
- Lead-free plastic is used

Colors: aluminum trays
Aluminum trays are ideal for individual design. They look very graceful by nature, but also offer countless RAL tones and a wide variety of coating options, such as powder coating or anodizing.

This product is not part of a batch production, so the price is only available on request.