Pleated screens

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Pleated insect screen is suitable for balcony doors and simple windows, where there is no lateral clearance. The operation is horizontal, the insect screen runs when opening on horizontal guides. The net of insect repellent we are folded on the "accordion system". The insect repellent occupies very little space because of its composition and is therefore suitable for installation under shutters and external blinds. The system has at its disposal two different lower guides, the net is made of folded and welded at the seam fabric made of polypropylene.

A wide range of colors (in any nuances of the RAL ladder) gives you the freedom of choice.

Properties of pleated insect protection:

  • Guides and box made of high quality extruded aluminum
  • Large selection of colors
  • Subsequent installation is possible
  • Easy handling

This product is not part of a batch production, so the price is only available on request.