Threshold systems

Threshold systems

This threshold system also builds on the standard threshold. By using special additional parts and a bed profile of structural material, the threshold is installed at ground level of zero millimetres on the inside and outside. The EVALON-coated connection angles and stainless steel connection plates, specially designed for the system, allow professional connection of the flexible waterproofing sheets and installation of the water channels.

A parallel retractable floor seal is the main component of the multistage and continuous sealing concept which achieves maximum results by means of specially developed structured parts. The modular design of the system allows efficient manufacturing and installation.

PremiPlan Plus can be used with the PRONORM 76 double and centre seal as well as PRONORM 88 centre seal residential and terrace door systems.

PremiPlan Plus

PremiPlan Plus is a threshold system for maximum barrier freedom for ground level installation .....

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