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External venetian blinds are suitable for business and public buildings, private homes and apartments as well as for other buildings with larger glass surfaces due to their versatile application. Likewise, they are particularly suitable for vertical balcony closure and for installation in balcony boxes.

Technical description Standard external venetian blinds Aton:

  • Upper rail in U-profile, dimensions 56 x 58 mm, cold-rolled from galvanized sheet metal, thickness 0.5mm.
  • Slats in various shapes and widths made of aluminum sheet, thickness 0.45mm. The sheet is stove-enamelled with high quality polyester paints that are resistant to minor mechanical damage. The thickness of the color layer is approx. 20 μm (microns). Slats are guided in guides with guide pins made of high quality weather-resistant plastic.
  • Sub-profile is made of extruded aluminum, thickness 3mm, anodized or powder coated, with side finishes of high quality, weather-resistant plastic.
  • Guides are made of extruded aluminum, dimension 20 x 22mm, made with plastic noise damping. The guides are attached to the window with flexible spacers made of high-quality plastic or aluminum.
  • Mechanism: 14mm axle with reinforced groove made of extruded aluminum, sliders for the upper and lower end limit, the elevator belt made of high quality Terylene, dimension 8 x 0.3 mm with effective UV protection and it is tear-resistant at the grinding surfaces. The ladder cord is braided with 4-fold strengthened webs.
  • Drive: The reduction in the ratio 2: 1 or 3: 1, manual drive by means of aluminum crank rod with articulated crank and 17mm wide spherical plain bearing 45 ° with 6-angle axis.
  • Alternative drive: electric motor, 50Hz, 230V.
  • The Leitkordel 363
  • Elevator belt Terylene 357 or 358
  • Hand, motor drive
  • Apertures 343, 344, 345
  • Extra standard version - ATON PLUS
  • Metal guide pins on lamellae instead of plastic guide pins.
  • Aluminum swivel brackets for mounting guides instead of plastic.

The lead cord reinforced with kevlar threads that increases strength and endurance and significantly reduces band extension. (Kevlar thread or polymer is 5 times stronger than steel at the same weight.) Kevlar, which has a very high chemical resistance, is not soluble, but decomposes at 500 ° C. With Kevlar, the strength, toughness and mechanical characteristics of Band improved.)
Mounting types of external venetian blinds
In front of the window
The installation in front of the window with visible outer panels, thickness 1.5, 2 or 3 mm.

This product is not part of a batch production, so the price is only available on request.